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  • Category: iOS Application
  • Client: BrotherSoft Company
  • Project date: 01 November, 2017
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Disk Puzzle - Animal Kingdom

We all know that the Honey Badger is the most fearless animal in the entire animal kingdom. The Honey Badger is just Crazy...

In order to pay tribute to this sophisticated animal we built an entire puzzle game featuring him. Check out how to the Honey Badger teaches survival techniques to less effective animals covering regions such as the forrest, arctic and the savanna.

Use strategy, be patient, pay attention and don't fall into traps. Test your survival skills in the wilderness while facing some of the most dangerous predators. Use special skills to get out of the most dangerous situations.

As you advance level by level, you have to face more dangerous predators. Just listen to the Honey Badger and survive!