Steps to consider when you have a startup idea or want to digitise your business

• Understand the industry (including your competition)

• Have a clear purpose & ambition, have clarity about your strategic assets

• Build a prototype (MVP - Minimal Viable Product) - pay careful attention to execution speed, cost and quality

• Be able to present your idea as a product (show that it delivers value. Showcase it's strengths vs competition)

• Get your product into the hands of real users

• Take data driven decisions - learn from user feedback, user ratings, analytics data

• Have a roadmap & clear measurable objectives, iterate fast, be responsive, adopt based on how the market changes

• When the market validates your idea - Scale up your product

Why digitise your business?

• Accessibility, Scalability & Growth - your product or services can be accessed without being limited to a geographical region, by any number of customers

• Documents & Data stored in a digital format - data accessible real time / everywhere (saves time, improves efficiency both for you and your customers)

• Information sharing - your customers have access to up to date information about your product, services, prices, news, discounts etc

• Brand awareness (custom design, specific features)

• The ability to iterate fast - gather feedback, improve quality & efficiency, stay in touch with your customers